Thursday, 16 May 2019

Donald the Disco Frog

Donald the Disco Frog
I created this new puppet recently. He was made for a show where the puppets cover some song from Sesame Street and he will sing Kermit the Frog's Disco Frog. I decided that he was good enough to be included in several other shows so you will see him soon on the CPT YouTube channel. He was made from teal green polar fleece and his clothes were made from some fabric scraps I found. He has the classic ping pong ball eyes. I really like how he turned out.

CPT exhibit at the 2019 Montcalm Art Show

There was recently an art show at Montcalm Secondary School and part of the show was a small CPT exhibit. The small exhibit featured 5 of our puppets.

The puppet that were featured were Christopher, Twister and Pierre (from Safari Mall), Double Douglas the 2 headed monster (from Stitched TV and several other shows) and The Ugly Dukling (from the upcoming special The CPT presents Hans Christian Anderson)

There was not just CPT puppets at the show, there was also artwork of other characters. There was a coloured ink print of Chester Monster and a shaded value drawing of The Stripe Trio from The Wacky Adventures of Ernie and Bert.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Talking Fruits and Vegetables

The Talking Fruits and Vegetables
I have some talking fruits and vegetables that I have been making this week. The banana and the orange were made in early 2018 but were modified recently. The grape vine was made in late 2018. The cucumber, pear, carrot, peach and apple are new. All of them are made from artificial fruits that some people use for decorations and some painters use while painting fruit, I just added eyes, mouths, arms, legs and other features. I added the green fur on the carrot. I had the banana, orange and grape vine and really liked them and wanted to make more. I couldn't make them for a while since it was a little expensive to get these fake fruits but I was at a church yard sale and I found an entire show box of fake fruits and vegetables for only a dollar. I plan on making more very soon. I am working on a tomato, onion, walnut vine, lemon and plumb. These were made for a short film I'm doing called Snacktime which is a film about some fruits and vegetables that are in danger of getting eaten.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Baby Monster

I finished this green Baby Monster puppet a few weeks ago. He was built for a short film I'm working on titled A Day in the Life of Jerry Monster which is a short film where we see what goes on in Jerry Monster's life. Baby Monster is the son of Jerry Monster. We will also be introduced to Jerry's wife Shirley Monster. Originally he was a mock up of the muppet Wilkins from the classic Wilkins Coffee commercials, I just covered him with fur. The fur was left over from Oscar the Grouch. I am currently rebuilding Wilkins which is why I recycled my first attempt.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Timothy Monster

This is the CPT's newest monster. I call him Timothy. I have named a few of my puppets after puppeteers and people who have worked with the muppets. I named this one after Canadian puppeteer Tim Goesly. He was made from a teal fur cushion with hands and a beak made from yellow polar fleece. He is very large and I love how he turned out.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Chester Monster

This is my new monster puppet Chester. He was named after puppeteer Thomas Gillan's cat. He was built before Christmas but has taken some time to develop. He was recycled from my 2nd attempt at Oscar the Grouch. I recently added legs and hair. 

Pinkie the Movie Star Monster

I just made this new monster puppet. It's Pinkie the Movie Star Monster. She was made from a sparky pink fur blanket that I got from a thrift store. Her eyes are made from white sheet foam with blue fleece eyelids, purple feathers for eyelashes and black Velcro dots for pupils. Her hair is made from green feather boas. The sunglasses are just pinned on. I gave her furry green rings around her ankles and wrists, the fur was left over from Oscar the Grouch.