Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Muppet replicas update #6

Here are all the Muppet replica I made but didn't share here. I make so many of then so I usually forget to put then on this blog. If you want to see everything just check this Muppet Central Forum thread. I recently made Wontkins from the Wilkins Coffee commercials. Mahna Mahna from The Muppet Show. Rizzo the Rat from The Muppet Show. Harry the Hipster from Sam and Friends. Bubba the Rat from Muppets From Space. Goggles from Kermit's Swamp Years. A penguin from The Muppet Show. And last but never least, The Beautiful Day Monster from many things like The Muppet Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and season 1 of Sesame Street.

So in a recent post I mentioned a top secret project for Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary, that project will be me building 50 Sesame Street puppet replicas (I'm almost finished already). I have some well known and some very obscure. Here I have Betty Lou, Sherlock Hemlock, SAM the Robot, Grover's Mommy, Tessie Twiddlebug, Baby Bear, Bert's nephew Brad, Cookie Monster's cousin Cousin Monster and Billy Monster.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

The Two Headed Monster puppet replica

The Two Headed Monster was always one of my favorite characters from Sesame Street growing up. I find them hilarious still to this day. I was very happy to see them finally return to the show a few years ago. I have always wanted a puppet of this monster but they didn't make him so the only thing to do was make one myself. I have tried to make one multiple times but never found the perfect materials. I finally found the right materials and made him. He was made from a furry purple blanket I got from a dollar store. The noses are plush and made form orange fleece. The horns are also plush and made of fleece. The teeth where carved from poly foam. The eyes are split ping pong balls. the hair and beards are made from scraps of a furry carpet. The left head's eyebrow was made from scraps of a furry black pillow. This replica isn't perfect but I really like it. This is for a secret project I'm doing for the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Angler Fish

I just finished this big green and amazing angler fish puppet. I got a large sphere shaped green fluffy pillow from a thrift store, I cut out a spot for a mouth thinking I could make some sort of big headed character and I came out with this. The light is probably his best feature and most advanced in all of my puppets, he has a small green finger light glued inside that shines through a clear plastic bubble. I really like this puppet and think he is one of my best creations yet.

Mortimer and Seasull

Introducing Mortimer (left) and Cecil (right).You may not remember or recognize either of these puppets but Mortimer and Seasull were around during the very early years of my troupe. They were part of my channel way back. To start they were toy puppets that my grandmother gave me to play with when I was little. They were great puppet but the only problem was that while most puppets don't exist below the waist, these 2 didn't exist below the neck which made it harder to do certain things. I recently decided to rebuild them to make them look more like CPT creations. They look very different but still have the same basic designs. I decided to not only add arms this time but to also add legs. These are important characters since they were some of the first puppets I played with when I was little and were around during the very beginning of my channel.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Bible Time

Bible Time is a series of both live and recorded puppet shows that tell stories of the bible with CPT puppets. I have been working on this since summer of 2016 one of the first years of CPT pupprets). This is one of my favorite projects to do because of the fun characters, the joy of building these characters and working with children.

The Characters:

Muffy the Church Mouse

This is Muffy. She is the church mouse and one of the main characters. She is always asking questions about the things going on in our world and almost every question she has is linked with a bible story. I perform this character and I always love playing the young and curious childlike characters (I perform a certain red bird on Safari Mall). I really enjoy playing this character (even if I'm not too good with female characters).

Bibly the Talking Bible

Bibly is another important character since he tells all the stories. He uses his stories to teach Muffy about things she wants to know about. I don't perform this character (I was a understudy for a while) but he was fun to design and build and I always enjoy just watching this character and playing off him.

Mr and Mrs Brule

I really like these 2. These are the two church candles and their children (not pictured) are the Sunday school candles. I perform these 2 on some occasions. they were very fun to both design and build. They were made from orange pool noodles and tons of fabric scraps found around the storage room. I need to rebuild their children before I can show them to you. their name comes from the french word "brule" which is french for burn as candles do.

Rocky the Mountain

This is probably my favorite out of them all. Rocky is a talking mountain and the church that the show takes place in is located on top of him. He is performed b the great Thomas Gillan. He was the very first full bodied costume puppet (before Big Red). He was made from one entire fleece blanket.

The Stories:

I don't have info on EVERY story we did but I have info and pictures for a few.

These are just the ones we did live, the videos are saved somewhere and will be on my YouTube channel soon (there is a recording of the Jonah and the Whale show that I will upload soon).

Jonah and the Whale
Noah's Ark

As a bonus, here is a fake news report I did for the show last year

Friday, 19 July 2019

Donald Trump puppet

I am never the kind of person who wants to put political stuff into my entertainment. I promise that this (and similar projects) won't be political. I made this puppet for entertainment purposes only. I personally think Trump is an idiot but everyone has their own opinion. My buddy Thomas Gillan and I were working on entertainment for adults and he suggested to make caricature puppets of politicians and really stupid people (sort of like Spitting Image and DC Follies). I started with this Donald Trump puppet. I have plans to make other politicians but they are for entertainment and we won't get political.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

New characters on Safari Mall


Shapenstein is a Frankenstein inspired character who loves shapes. We got the idea from The Count Von Count, we thought we could take another famous monster and turn it into a character that helps people learn. He doesn't speak much but he can say the names of every shape. He was first shown in episode 20 singing "It's Hip to Be a Square".

Daisy Snuffle

You probably all saw the proto version of this character a few years back. She is rebuilt now as a full bodied costume. She is a female Snuffleupagus and the cousin of Mr Snuffleupagus. She comes from Hawaii. She will make her debut in episode 23.

Purple Crayon

This adorable little fella was originally created by puppeteer and puppet builder Dillon Stewart (Stewart's channel). The original crayon appeared in the end of season 1. He has been gone for a while now but with permission from Stewart I rebuilt him and am bringing him back.

Little Red

Next up we have the adorable Little Red. He is the best friend of Big Red (after Daisy of course). He travels through different parts of Canada but his favorite place to be is Safari Mall. He could be related to Little Bird (the character he was inspired by). I really like how this puppet turned out. The proto Little Red was nothing more than a miniature Big Red which made us think that he would turn out as the Scrappy Doo of Safari Mall.


2 prototypes of this character were built but never made it to the screen. Filthomena is Junko's grouch girlfriend (like Grundgetta). She lives in a dumpster at the back of Safari Mall.

Lilly's family

I'm sure that you are all familiar with Lilly Monster by now but meet her family. Her mother Karen, her father Stuart, Her brother Richie and her dog Fido. You may be wondering why Richie is purple and not blue like the others and that's because he is adopted. We just thought that it would be a good lesson for the kids watching if we had an adopted character.

Marvin Monster

This is a puppet I have had for a while (he has had several modifications over the years) and you may have seen him in  a video or two. He is described as a Telly Monster and Herry Monster mix. He worries a lot (like Telly) and has trouble controlling his strength (like Herry).

Huey Blue

This is a puppet I built years ago that later became an SM character we were experimenting with. His name is Huey Blue and he is the cousin of Roosevelt Franklin. the personalities of the 2 characters are a lot alike.